Choosing the right 3D aquarium backgrounds for your fish tanks or terrariums can be a fairly difficult task. There are many things to consider before trying to make a choice such as the type of fish or reptiles you’re keeping, the type of habitat they prefer and of course, the size of your tank.


Universal Rocky Background

Rocky 3D Aquarium BackgroundsPerhaps one of the best 3D aquarium backgrounds money can buy, this one is excellent for both fish tanks and terrariums. An outstanding replica of a natural looking rockface, it will make your fish or other animals feel more relaxed and comfortable as it resembles the natural habitat of many common species kept by aquarium enthusiasts.

The background is made out of a lightweight, thin and flexible material – so that it can easily be trimmed and fitted into any tank you own. It can be installed into your aquarium either by the use of clips which are included with the background or by using aquarium grade silicone.

Sizes available: Many sizes, starting at 24 x 12 inches (can be trimmed to fit smaller) and all the way up to 48 x 24 inches.

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Rocky Ledge 3D BackgroundRocky Ledge Background

If you’re looking for 3D aquarium backgrounds with a little more interactivity, then perhaps the Rocky Ledge background is the right choice for you. This beautiful and realistic aquarium background features multiple ledges and crevices for fish to swim through and interact with, making it one of the best 3d aquarium backgrounds for cichlids. It’s also excellent for other small animals such as lizards, turtles and lobsters as they love climbing and relaxing on the ledges.

It is both lightweight & flexible so that it can be cut or trimmed to fit your tank, and like most other 3D aquarium backgrounds, it’s fairly easy to install by the use of clips which come bundled with the background, or by using silicone to stick it in place.

Sizes available: Starting from 24 x 12 inches (can be trimmed to fit smaller) and all the way up to 48 x 24 inches.

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Rainforest 3D Aquarium BackgroundsRainforest BG

If you think rocky 3d aquarium backgrounds are a little too plain or boring for your taste, or if you keep animals which enjoy trees within their habitat such as most types of tropical fish and amphibians Рthis rainforest background is a great choice. Combined with a few plants and forest-themed decorations such as hollow logs or mossy stones, it will make your aquarium come to life.

It is constructed from a hybrid industrial-grade foam, making it completely safe and non-toxic. Like all other foam backgrounds it can easily be trimmed to fit any aquarium quite easily. The only drawback is that the average width of this background is about 3 inches, therefore a tank of 8+ inches in thickness is ideal.

Sizes available: Smallest size available is 24 x 16 inches, while the largest size available is 72 x 24 inches, with many other sizes in between.

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3D aquarium backgrounds with treesDeluxe Rock & Tree Background

This background incorporates both a beautiful rockface and a large tree in the middle, making it perfect for aquarium enthusiasts who are looking for both types of 3d aquarium backgrounds in one. It’s a great choice for most types of habitats and is especially ideal if you plan on keeping different types of fish or reptiles in one tank.

Like the rainforest background above, it’s made out of foam, is completely safe & pH neutral, and it can also be cut or trimmed to fit most tanks.

Sizes available: Sizes start at 36 x 20 inches and end at 48 x 24 inches, however they can be trimmed to fit smaller tanks.

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